Cheviot Spring Festival 2014

I have been busy knitting items plus hand dyeing wool to sell at a stall at this event. My Mum has also got in on the act as well and has some items knitted as well.

If you live nearby, come on up, over & to Cheviot! September 12th & 13th are the dates to lock in.

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th September 2014

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th September 2014

Check out the Cheviot website for information or their facebook page.

Some of the yarn available to buy - 8ply & 10ply.

Some of the yarn available to buy – 8ply & 10ply.

I wish I had more time to knit but I will have a selection of hats, shrugs, little girl tunics and baby vests. Mum & I also have some other Spring themed items that may tickle your fancy. The stalls will be next to The Paddock Café at the South end of Cheviot, so grab a coffee and come & say HI!

Kate 🙂




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AMH – A Mother’s Heart

Oh I am slack! Last month I released my third pattern called AMH – A Mother’s Heart.

This is a fab one size cowl that can be worn a few ways. Buttoned or unbuttoned like a scarf. It can be as one long loop or doubled for Mum or tripled for your daughter or son. The stitch pattern is just a combination of knit & purl stitches & is reversible.

I have named this after my daughter’s and the reasons I love being a Mum and their Mum! AMH is A Mother’s Heart or their initials – Ariana, Makayla & Holly.

AMH collage

AMH is worked flat and has a button closure as a feature. I often wrap mine around twice and then button it up once I have it sitting well. Ariana happily sneaks off with it and wears it which is quite sweet. The wool I used in my prototype is so soft and snuggly. There is a little story behind this wool too. When Holly was itti bitti new born I was gifted a beautiful baby set made from this wool. Another lady had made this set for her new baby daughter which you can see at this link. The wool is Evoke “Melody” which is alpaca, bamboo and merino! This beautiful wool has been used for two gorgeous babies and now as a cowl for myself (and Ariana!).

Holly at a few weeks old in her romper suit ♥

Holly at a few weeks old in her romper suit ♥

Here is Ariana wearing my AMH:



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Home made Chai tea recipe – great gift idea

Random recipe post!

A friend passed on this yummy easy to make chai tea recipe. It is a great tasting tea once made and you can make it up as a gift for a family member or friend. It is called Moon Chai and the link is here.

Here is how I have written it out to print off and pop it in a tall bottle jar (like a tall pasta jar) with the dry ingrediants for the recipient (or you) to make up and then savour.

Homemade Chai recipe

In your jar is:

10 pieces of ginger, 1-inch

4 cinnamon sticks, broken

1 tsp green cardamom pods

2 1/4 tsp black peppercorns

1 tsp cloves, whole

1/2 tsp fennel seeds

1/2 tsp licorice root

1/2 tsp allspice

Preparation:Combine everything with 5 cups* water in a saucepan (* halve this to make concentrate and keep in fridge in a tall jar). Cover pot and simmer for 45 minutes. Remove the pot from heat, and let sit for another 35 minutes (covered). At this point you can add some tea bags of your choice in to seep.  Strain out the spices by using a cloth & a sieve.

To make a drink: Pour a few cm’s worth of the Chai mix into our mug and a teaspoon of honey and heat in microwave. Heat up some milk and when near boiling point use a whisk to froth it up. Pour into the preheated chai mix and enjoy!

** You can alter the peppercorns to make it spicier if you so wish. Make it to your preference as this is a great base.

The best place to find these ingredients is at a local Indian/Asian spice shop. Once you have the main ingredients, you then have them on hand to make a jar for yourself or to have ready to make up a give away one.  I keep my Chai ingredients in a container all together to make life easier. 😀


Go on and make a brew up! Let me know what you think.


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♥ My new logo ♥

It came time for me to spruce things up and make a look/brand image since I am now getting into pattern design. Simply making an ad-hoc picture with some words on wasn’t really cutting it anymore. My lovely friend from I Set Type  offered to make one for me.

Bronwen made a few to have a look at and then I suggested moving part of one with another and then colours and fonts. It didn’t take long to find it all clicked into place and came to the logo which I LOVE!

Here she is:

ChevGirl-LogoNice and simple isn’t it?!

Thank you so much Bronwen. I honestly recommend I Set Type to anyone looking at any kind of design work as she has many feather’s to her cap.

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Test Knitting 2014 so far….

I have done a few test knit’s for other designer’s so far this year with most of them being hats!

My first test knit was a top called Velma designed by Casey White. This is a sweet short sleeved top in a loose gauge so it grows fast on your needles. I made this for Ariana and she adores it.


My next test knit was a beautiful smooshy hat called “Aspiring” designed by Paula Henley from Koru Designs Aotearoa. It has a great stitch pattern in the body of the hat and a simple yet effective twist in the brim. I made this test kinit for Ariana and she loves it! Gosh I am lucky my 8 year old still tolerates her Mum’s knitting!


Next onto the needles was a hat called “Pollinator”  which is my friend Jo’s first foray into designing. Jo also hand dyes wool for sale as well as some other crafty items. Her business is called Meraki Studio NZ. This is a stunning cute design and Makayla was the lucky one to get this hat. The yarn I used was some I was gifted from Casey (who designed Velma above ^ ) and it suited the bee theme in colour and would suit Makayla.

The next test knit was for a new designer as well. Briony from Gradient has not one but TWO hat patterns in testing at the moment. I tested one of them called Fisherman’s Beach. It is a stunning hat that holds special significance to her in memory of her father. ♥ I love patterns that have a story or special meaning. This hat features a simple cable running up the length that is like the beach of waves and their are smaller wee waves with a clever stitch going around the body of the hat.

I gifted this hat to my cousin who raised a lot of money for Cancer Research by cutting her much loved dreads off. I hope her head is nice & warm now! The yarn I used for this project is hand dyed by Jo from Meraki Studio NZ who designed the Pollinator hat! We all tie in together nicely don’t we?!!!


** I have completed another test knit but I can’t share that one yet as it is top secret! I adore the pattern & my gradient hand dyeing I did for it but alas you all have to wait!

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Above – my second knitting pattern

In February I found a beautiful cable pattern of angel wings and felt so connected to it I had to make it into something. Designing a hat seemed very logical so I set to and designed a hat using the angel wings pattern. I had to do a bit of editing of it – from being in knitted in the round and not flat plus I changed one of the increases because I didn’t like the look it created.

I have had a busy team of wonderful test knitters who helped me iron out any problems in the pattern like with the layout, numbers and readability. Thank you team!

Angels have a real infinity & special place with me. On my journey to being a mother to three gorgeous daughters, I had three close consecutive miscarriage’s which really threw me upside down emotionally. Losing a pregnancy was surprisingly hard to go through however as time marches on, you realise you learn a lot about yourself and have empathy for others before & after you that also lose a pregnancy. The “Above” hat is symbolic of the three angels I have up above, that look over my three awesome girls with all sizes having three (or four) angel wings around the hat. The hat also is available in six sizes from toddler to large adult and in three yarn weights. On Monday the 14th of April I released the “Above” hat pattern and this week it has a introductory special price of $3USD (Usually $6USD) .

Some of the beautiful hats made in testing.

Some of the beautiful hats made in testing.

Above is a unisex slouch hat knit from the brim up. The pattern keeps the knit interesting with only one round of cable being used in the body of the hat and a simple twist cable in the brim. The hat is available in six sizes from toddler to large adult and in three yarn weights – fingering (4ply), DK (8ply) & worsted weight (10ply). This pattern would work best with plain, semi solid or gradient dyed wool to show the angel wings cable pattern off best. Skills Required: Knitting in the round with small circumference. Use small fixed circulars or magic loop. Beginner cable work. Gauge information : 4ply/Fingering Weight – 28 sts/10cm on 3.25mm needles 8ply/DK Weight – 22 sts/10cm on 4.5mm needles 10ply/Worsted Weight -18sts/10cm on 5mm needles

Sized from toddler - large adult and in three yarn weights. A beautiful comfortable hat for yourself or as a gift.

Sized from toddler – large adult and in three yarn weights. A beautiful comfortable hat for yourself or as a gift.

If you are on Ravlery, I would love to see your finished project and photos. I am “Chevgirl” on Ravlery and I am happy to help with any pattern support Thank you Kate 🙂

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Kauri Hat

While I was having my pattern test knitted, I also test knitted a friend’s hat pattern called Kauri. It is a great man hat but equally perfect for us ladies too! Kauri is designed by my friend Gabriella Henry who has designed some very cool, versatile patterns. I have at least two of her patterns in my knitting queue waiting to get knitted!




“Kauri is a fun and satisfying knit for the special man (or woman) in your life.

Featuring an interesting cable/twist panel reminiscent of tree branches, this cozy unisex beanie works up quickly, ideal for last minute gifting.”

I knitted one to fit my husband’s head (medium) in some hand dyed wool and all up it used 50g exactly!

dean 1

deanI am about to cast on another in a brown for a quick Christmas gift……photos later after Christmas!

ETA: Here is the hat I made for my youngest brother for Christmas modelled by my handsome husband again.


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Annie Gray

Annie Gray, my first pattern, was released on Monday!

A delicate top for a girl that loves comfort. The rib bodice will expand with your child as she grows and allow free movement when playing in the warmer months. The top can be  dress length for a younger child & as she grows it will become a tunic top. The lace is simple yet effective & with the addition of a ribbon tie it will dress up well for a party or special occasion. Your Annie Gray can have fixed straps or buttons for the straps to customise fit, ribbon or no ribbon and a singlet top or a babydoll tunic dress.

My Nana was a talented and prolific knitter who knitted for many a tourist and local as they visited her at the small craft market in my hometown. This pattern is named in her honour – Annabel Hewett nee Gray. Nana passed on tips & tricks to my Mum (her daughter in law) and in turn passed this information on to me. There was one jersey that all three of us worked on so Nana and her knitting skills are to be thanked!

Some of the beautiful Annie Gray's created through the testing phase.

Some of the beautiful Annie Gray’s created through the testing phase.

The pattern is available to buy as a PDF file on Ravelry. See the link on the left hand side to go to the pattern on Ravelry.

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Taylor Swift – RED Tour.

We were so lucky to get some free ticket’s to see Taylor Swift in concert on the 1st of December. Taylor Swift had kindly gifted alot of tickets to members of the NZDF and families. How awesome is she?!

Many names were entered into a ballot and with tonnes of luck our family was one of the lucky ones. My husband & I decided to keep the news to ourselves to surprise them. I think that Ariana would have worn herself out in anticipation anyway.

Very excited girls!! Outside Vector Arena, not long after we told them where we were going.

Very excited girls!! Outside Vector Arena, not long after we told them where we were going.

The show was amazing! Lots to look at with all the dancer’s on stage and screens. Taylor did a great job going around the crowd and making herself as close as she can to the 12, 000 people there to see her.

The girls and I.

The girls and I.

At our special ticket pick up point, the girls were able to write a special message to Taylor Swift to say thanks!

Ariana writing a message to Taylor Swift.

Ariana writing a message to Taylor Swift.



Some photos of the concert.


Girls with Dad.

Girls with Dad.






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Annie Gray – my first pattern

A few months ago I had a knitting design pop into my head while on school holidays. I saw a little girls hip wee top and thought that would be cool to replicate into a knitting pattern. Well, that idea sat bouncing around in my head while I rushed other test knits and projects. I sat down eventually and nutted things out and then another idea worked it’s way out onto paper. Annie Gray is the babydoll/singlet top that is now a reality and is in the process of being test knitted by a  group of knitter’s to iron out kinks and make it an easy to read pattern with a great result. It is a nerve wracking time!

Here is a sneak peak of Annie Gray:

Annie Gray test collageRight, off I go to knit another sample for Makayla. Be back later.




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