Picking up an old WIP

Right it was about time I picked this WIP (work in progress) up again! It has been getting to me as the wool is so lovely and I had done a good 4 inches worth. The pattern & wool was gifted to me in the 3rd Yarn Swap on TNN by Tentacles. I am doing the “Claire” cardigan pattern as the theme for the Yarn Swap was Claire from the book series “Cross Stitch” by Diana Gabaldon. The yarn was hand dyed in colours of meadows, heather and lochs – beautiful and subtle. Istarted knitting this back in February and then with moving it got put down for a while as I find 4ply tedious especially when I am dealing with 161 stitches per row! 🙂

I am now up to the back part so have the two fronts on holders so it feels like I am making progress! Yah!

Here are some photos to show how it is knitting up:

"Claire" hand dyed 4ply yarn in "Claire" pattern

"Claire" hand dyed 4ply yarn in "Claire" pattern

Up close of knitted yarn

Up close of knitted yarn

I was going to do this for Makayla but I fear she is now too big for it so it is now the perfect gift for my niece who is due in September. 🙂

I look forward to updating with the finished item soon.


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  1. That is looking gorgeous Kate! Well done for sticking with it too 🙂

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