Knitting mission this weekend

There is a mid winter secret santa happening on a forum I belong to and I havedecided to knit some gifts for my lucky recipient. I started two of the three projects yesterday and am making good progress. I can’t discuss any details as if they go snooping and look here my secret santa cover will be blowen! πŸ˜† Can’t have that just yet.Β  Let’s just say I am having fun trying out new patterns from Ravelry and have promised Ariana that I will make her something similar.

I will add photos of the projects once my person has either guessed me or is totally stumped. So sorry about that!

Oh and I won an auction to raise money for Hope (see earlier thread) from another onling friend who hand dyes the most wicked yarn. So that was a splurge but it was for a just cause. My pocket nappy & soakers set went for $50 so that was great! πŸ™‚

Right better get on with the day.

ETA 2.30pm Sat – have finished one thng I started last night πŸ™‚ very happy about that! Right now on to the other one to get that done before I do project #3!

ETA#2 Monday – Have finished the other item on Sunday as well so two done and half way through the third! Mission!


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