Life got in the way…

It has been a busy wee while in my household so haven’t been able to update till now. My youngest daughter was rather sick for 12 days and had a trip to Wanganui Hospital to be checked out. She was tested for whooping cough but that came back negative. D, M and I stayed at special hospital accommodation that night in case we needed her to be seen to but luckily she was OK that night. She had high temps for 7 days and the last two days her temps were getting high at 39.8 degrees. Poor wee thing! ūüė¶

Then on Saturday 25th July my only living grandparent – Nana Hewett – died suddenly at her Rest Home. It was a blessing she went quickly but sad none the less. So on the¬†Monday the girls and I flew to Christchurch from Wellington ($500 cheaper to fly from there than Palmerston North!) and my brother picked us up. Big day of travelling. The funeral was on the Wednesday which also happened to be the same day 24 years ago my aunty Margaret (Nana’s only daughter and my Dad’s sister) died of breast cancer at a tender age of 36 years old. Lots of memories! It was great catching up with extended family. Ariana had a blast with all these new cousins plus seeing cousin Stella walking around now.

The day after we arrived at M&D’s Miss M came out in a rash over her torso and neck so I got worried thinking the worst and took her to the Dr’s. They tested her for¬†measles with a throat and nasal swab (poor thing hated that). We had to wait a few days for the result but the rash went after two days and the test came back negative on Friday! Who knows what it was she had! Oh and she now has two more teeth – two new molars came up while she was sick so she now has 10 teeth!

I took my book down with me but did not even get to open it so had to catch up a bit on Breaking Dawn last night! Love it!!! I did however finish and start some knitting projects. I gifted my SIL a pair of Waffle Fingerless gloves in The Wool Company¬†cyclamen yarn that I had left over from M’s longies.

Cyclamen Waffle Fingerless gloves

Cyclamen Waffle Fingerless gloves

Modelled on me prior to gifting them to Jenna

Modelled on me prior to gifting them to Jenna

¬†I have also sewn up the first slipper for D so that is cool and CO on the last one. That is my aim tonight is to keep going with that! They are so warm and cosy! I will do some for my big wee girl and some for me……


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