Secret santa goodies I sent

Well since my present made it’s destination safe and sound the lucky recipient is happy with them I thought I would post photos of them that I took before I sent it.

It was for three children and I knitted something for them each.

For the eldest I did a natural odessa hat an icnch shorter to make it OK for a child of 8 or so. Turns out it could have been kept the same size for an adult…oh well you learn!

Natural Odessa Hat

Natural Odessa Hat

For child #2 I did a Who? hat  in The Wool Company avocado and then added two small buttons to be an owls eyes.

Avocado Who? hat

Avocado Who? hat

Modelled by Big girl

Modelled by Big girl

and for the youngest recipient and the girl I had fun knitting this from hand dyed gifted yarn. Pattern is called Stash and is a neck warmer with class.

Stash neck warmer

Stash neck warmer


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One response to “Secret santa goodies I sent

  1. The litte doo-dacky on the neck warmer turned out great!

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