So I bought a journal

to write down things that are on my mind – you know personal things. I have been struggling recently with a wide range of feelings and emotions. A few days after Nana’s funeral I was in a sad reflective mood and thought what can I do to turn some of my negative thinking around? The whole think bad things and bad things happen kind of makes sense so why dwell on them? But at the same time it does help to pin point why I am feeling like I do and acknowledge them. I figure if I can write down things I love, enjoy or that have given me pleasure through the course of the day that would be one way of foccusing on the positive aspects of my current life. I also can down load the bad things too but  brainstorm ways of how to deal with them as well.

So before my dentaist appointment this afternoon I found a journal that I felt was “me” 🙂 and also got some funky pens to go with it. I am all set! I just need to start it. Gee the theory is good at this point.

I realised todfay I am tired. It is my own fault as I stay up way too late at night when the kids are asleep, knitting or on the computer and I am running on fumes so to speak.  Being tired makes me feel so flat and makes me feel even more negative about things. So tonight I am going to bed early and see if it makes a difference tomorrow. I will also start the jounal then too.

Basically it will start with how much I love my husband and my children and our families and our friends to them I say ” Love you all”.

Right, sweet dreams.



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4 responses to “So I bought a journal

  1. Jo

    That’s a brilliant idea Kate, a focusing on the positive makes so much difference. Maybe highlight the corners of the pages with the really good stuff on them, so that when you are feeling down you can flick to those pages straight away for a pick me up. Rather than reading the bad stuff which could make you feel worse IYKWIM.

    Hugs xx

    • chevgirl

      Yes that is the intention. When I need a boost or refocus I can reread the +ive things. Sometimes it is hard to see those things. Thanks for reading & commenting Jo.

  2. Colleen

    Hey Kate I have realised EXACTLY the same thing, about being tired that is, so have the same plan as you, to go to bed earlier, and to rest when Caleb is resting. I too have a journal. Love to you too hun, you do an awesome job. xxx

    • chevgirl

      Thanks Colleen. I stay up way too late cause I like the “me” time but to be honest it’s making me operate at not a good level. How is yours going?

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