Tutu’s and more!

I have been volunteered (someone at kindy cottoned on that I can sew) to sew some new dress ups for the family play corner at Kindy. The head teacher went to Plamerston North after session one day and went shopping. So I now have metres and metres of fabric to craft into dress ups!

I have made two tutu’s based on a friends online tutorial she has called Frou Frou Quick Tutorial. The netting I had to work with was a bit stiff to be honest so making them look nicely knotted was hard! The purple and pink were the softest so easier to work with. The blue and green – hard! I made one tutu with all four colours but it got quite bulky. Here is a photo of it:


The next one I did I used more of the pink & purple and the occasial green and blue one. I was able to three point zig zag over the knots to secure them as well. The first one I would not be able to do so as so bulky. I would break my poor machine.

Tutu #2

Tutu #2

I then had the green and blue pieces left over so decided to improvise. I laid them out on the floor overlapping each other and used some bias tape. I pinned that on to the netting pieces and then sewed that on and thus them all together. I did two rows of zig zag as well to make sure it was all secure. I trimmed the netting from the top and then turned it over used normal nappy making elestic to gather it  up some. I then meased my Big Girl’s waist and cut a piece of big black elastic (from the kindy supplies) and sewed the skirt to that so it was basically elasticised twice! I then cut each netting section into three and as I did the different parts of it caught each other and it had a tangles wild look! Looks kind of cool and sea like.

Crazy tutu skirt lying down

Crazy tutu skirt lying down

Being modelled by Miss 3

Being modelled by Miss 3

I also whipped a rather adhoc skirt from some neat orange material that has gltter patches on it – although they are hard to spot in the photo. The skirt is a simple pull up elastic wasit one with curtain netting lining.

Miss 3 a bit reluctant modelling this one - too tired and things to watch on TV!

Miss 3 a bit reluctant modelling this one - too tired and things to watch on TV!


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One response to “Tutu’s and more!

  1. Julia aka j-j

    Kate – you are just so clever!

    I love the tutus and the ringlets. You’re the perfect little mummy and wifey 😉 Now, can you come and make pikelets for my dinner?

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