Cosy warm

Following on from my earlier post about some knitted projects for me I have finished the slippers so now have some warm cosy feet.  I started the project over as I changed my mind abuot the wool, so used some new yarn I gifted in a secret santa swap on TNN. I teamed the flecky pink wool with soem natural wool I alreayd had so has an interesting look, mainly pink and brown with some bright blue, red and yellow flecks showing through. I started this on Sunday evening and finished the second one today. It could have been done quicker but had things to do!

Here are some photos os my new Aunt Maggie’s Slippers:





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4 responses to “Cosy warm

  1. Cherrie

    Hi Kate loved the girls Tutu’s. since visiting have caught the knitting bug from you and have knitted a jersey with a collar for Stephanie and have nearly finished a jersey. Loved the rags in Ariana’s hair might have a go with Stephanies hair.

  2. Julia

    they look great Kate!!! nice warm cosey toes!

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