Slippers and more slippers

In the last 24 hours I have made 2 pairs of slippers and I’m onto a third pair. They are for a swap I am doing so am nearly there. I needed a quick craft idea for two boys aged 4 and 2 so decided on slippers.

I used the tried and tested pattern of Aunt Maggie’s Slippers for the 4 year old’s pair using a Paton’s Jet 10ply in navy with hand dyed 8ply in green and they came out really cute!

Ariana modelling them for me

Ariana modelling them for me

Navy & green slippers

Navy & green slippers

I then realised this morning that they family I am making them for has three  children! I had been planning on two – I don’t know how I missed that! Gee I can’t even read my own writing!!! 😆 Funny! So knitted up a pair of toddler slippers designed for a 2 – 3 year old which is perfect for the youngest child. I used the plain green (used in above pair) and a semi solid green that I used for a Milo vest for my nephew.

Slippers for a 2 year old

Slippers for a 2 year old

Top view - bad night photos sorry!

Top view - bad night photos sorry!

Hmmm not sure how the fit will be but read on some other projects of this pattern that felting the slippers may make them fit better. I think I will suggest that to my swapee so they fit his feet just right.

I have cast on a pair of Mummy slippers as she loves pink and I want to flesh out the package a bit more. She is also getting a 200g ball of hand dyed semi sold pink from me as well so should love the slippers & wool package as she is learning to knit. I am knitting the Easy Peasy Mary Jane slipper pattern. I am combining two yarns again for this – a dusky pink 8ply from my late Nana’s stash with the Rhubarb hand dyed yarn I did awhile back (made my niece’s Kaia Babydoll top from). Photos to com as mostly finished the first slipper……

Have to go to bed!


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  1. Lucky you don’t mind knitting that pattern huh! What a wonderful gift to give…….nothing like roasty toasty tootsies 🙂

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