Jo! It’s finished!

Finally after a few weeks of knitting the JO test knit for Kelly is finally done! I am so chuffed and so is the lucky wearer Ariana. I test knitted the Jo Pinafore that is the tom boy version in a series of four pinafore’s Kelly is going to release soon based on the March Sisters from “Little Women”. I did the size 4 size so took a wee bit of knitting and I learnt a few tricks along the way. I learnt how to do a PCO (provisional cast on) using a crochet hook and waste yarn. This was for doing the hem so it was knitted up on itself and very neat in finished looks. I also learnt how to do double knitting for the straps. The straps are very firm and can support the weight of the garmet. The straps though were fiddly and I found it hard to keep knitting them….but I did it!

Here are some completed photos! 🙂

Jo on go!

Jo on the go!

Back view

Back view

More model shots

More model shots

Lying flat

Lying flat





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2 responses to “Jo! It’s finished!

  1. looks so cute!
    A still rocking the bandana huh? haha

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