Blogtober#7 Snow, blogs, knitting and visits

That’s what is on the agenda today! Outside our house are patches of snow from the three days of of unseasonal snow we had in Spring! It is mightly cold if I do say so!!! Miss almost 4 wants to wear a dress (as usual!) so had to convince her it wasn’t a great idea but she wants to wear her new Jo pinafore so glad I have knitted dresses for her!!! 😆

Here are some photos I took yesterday when we got back home from staying at the in laws:

Snowy outlook - Mt Ruapehu is hidden in cloud

Snowy outlook - Mt Ruapehu is hidden in cloud

Snow banked up by our bedroom door

Snow banked up by our bedroom door

Ariana had a blast stomping around in the snow making tracks. It was so good to see her enjoying herself out there.

Gosh I am coming across lots of fab blogs doing Blogtober Fest. So many creative peeps out there. I wish I had my blog on Blogspot as you can more with dressing up your blog than on wordpress but oh well!!!! I hope my content makes up for the lack of flashness! I am thinking of a giveaway too so keep an eye out!

I am looking forward to knitting (as usual!) but it usually gets relagated to the evenings. As it is we are off to visit some family that live locally so that will be a fun escape and then this afternoon I am taking the girls to the dr to get some things checked out. Nothing major just some troublesome skin irritations. My asthma has not been great either with this cold break plus I have a slight cold lurking. Right better get back to some house stuff before we go out for morning tea. BBL.



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7 responses to “Blogtober#7 Snow, blogs, knitting and visits

  1. sue

    Ooh I love the pics with the snow. It must be so cold at your house. We have had rain and hail for 2 days now and the sun is trying to make an appearance. There are a lot of blogs doing blogtoberfest which has been fun so far but I am having trouble trying to read them all, lol!

    • chevgirl

      It is cold!!! Inspires more knitting to be honest! I haven’t had much of a chance to cruise through the blogs….so many to see. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  2. Wow, snow! I’ve never lived anywhere that it snows, so seeing that right outside your door is a totally new thing for me!

  3. You know I think if you move to blogger you can import all your posts from this blog over.

    I saw the snow storms on the news last night and couldn’t believe it. It’s been a cool and windy Spring here.

  4. Hi Kate, thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. My husband has been trying to convince me to move over to wordpress. He thinks you can do so many more cool things, so it’s great to read what you wrote and maybe I should stay put. Lots of skin irritations at our place too. My big girl has been off school all week and is really upset. Hopefully it’ll warm up soon and it’ll all go away, yours too. Love Kate

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