Blogtober #8 Parties!

Gosh I had a a very blah day yesterday. I am struggling in meeting people  and forming a friend base since we moved here in April. I have missed my friends in Upper Hutt something wicked especially with our Mum nights we would have. I so miss the knitting nights where friends would come over with a plate of delicousness and there knitting projects. Honestly not much knitting gets done but lots of chat and laughs. I think that is the main thing in my opinion. Friendship of like mothers!

Sooo I have planned a birthday party for me this Saturday as my birthday falls on a Saturday this year. Things have been tough for us so thought it would be good to have something to celebrate. As expected not many of my friends from far away can come as money, time and distance is a huge factor at the moment. So today I plan on finishing my test knit and then it is cleanng and getting ready for the party. I have invited a few people I have gotten to know through the Toy Library and Kindergarten Committee’s plus some family of hubby’s.

Spring Butterfly test knit, party invites and new book!

Spring Butterfly test knit, party invites and new book!

I am also planning Ariana’s 4th birthday party in 3 weeks time so we bought  some cute wee invites to get the ball rolling. While at the bookshop I bought myself a birthday present as really needed some retail therapy! 😆 I bought the latest Dan Brown book “The Last Symbol”. I am sure I will enjoy it as I did with his other books. I will get to ready that maybe next week with party on this weekend and other Mum things on the plate. Oh and get this they are forecasting more SNOW tomorrow and Saturday! Unreal!

Oh and I had some yarn mail yesterday – 4 lots of 200g of Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8ply in four yummy colours – damask rose, light teal, blue and denium blue. I have stored them away already waiting to be knitted into a scrummy summer knit.

So having this package arrive did cheer me up somewhat but I would love to know what cheers you up when you have a blah “pants” day where you feel down in the dump? Need some inspiration! 🙂



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4 responses to “Blogtober #8 Parties!

  1. Jo

    I would have some to your party Kate if we had the pennies, it would have been great to meet you. One day 🙂

    I saw you had stashed some scrummy cotton on Rav, I should put an order in soon too. Too many lovely colours to chose from though LOL

  2. I hope you have a fantastic party hun. I can so relate to the struggle to make new friends when moving. To be honest I still haven’t done much of that over here, and we’ve nearly been here 2yrs.
    What do I do when I’m down in the dumps? I’m not too sure! I know for me my mood is influenced by the state of my house, and if I can attack small parts of it throughout the course of teh day I find my mood lifts as the clutter clears

  3. Sorry to hear things are so blah for you atm. Squeezy (((HUGS))). Would love to come and party with you;-) Getting a bit of space to make something always cheers me up. Or time in a great book.

  4. Sally

    I find getting some serious exercise makes me feel better when I’m a bit blah! I have joined a local gym and just love it, I go in the evening when the girls are asleep or first thing in the morning before they wake. You get the adrenalin/endorphin rush, look better (although I’m sure you look great already) and get fit all at the same time.

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