Blogtober giveaways

Wow have a looksie at my frineds blogs as they are having some fab giveaways to celebrate the world of blogging. Rainbow Child’s finishes today so get in quick to nab one of her felt doll creations. I love the mermaid but the  pirate is proving popular!

Rainbow Child

Crazy Crafter

Jo has an awesome knitting needles case great for interchangeables and all the accessories. Looks so cool!

Shortly Stitches

Sheryl has a WIP (work in progress) bag that she has made. She’s going to fill it with goodies and not related to knitting for the non knitters out there! 😉

I am going to have a giveaway sometime soon just waiting on it to arrive to take some photos of them 🙂

Have a looksie at the blogs on my blogroll to get inspired!


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