Blogtober #11 – Confession but with good excuse!

Ok so I missed out posting yesterday but admittidly I had posted 2x the day before so maybe that is OK?! 😆 Anyway I have a great reason why I missed yesterday….we were spring cleaning and preparing for my birthday party which was last night. Yes I turned a year older yesterday and Miss almost 4 was proudly annoucing to everyone that came in the door “It’s Mummy’s birthday and she is 33!” There was no escaping everyone NOT being told! 😆 The funny thing I had only told her once how old I was in answer to her question while preparing food. She remembered it!! Cute I suppose.

I had a friend and her daughter come up from Wellington and G & Ariana had a great time playng together. They had all sorts of games together in the lounge. Ariana surprised me with a carrot cake for me as a birthday cake – hummus with carrot sticks stick in it! 😆 

"Carrot Cake"

"Carrot Cake"

I baked a yummy decadent choclate cake that my sister in law to be secretly passed on to me as they are using it for their wedding cake on January 2nd 2010. It is devine!!! One whole block of dark Whittakers Chocolate is in it to give you an idea of it’s chocolateness.

My birthday cake

My birthday cake



I got this fab craft magazine as a gift from my friend Chloe and it is fantastic! I had never heard of it before but would love to get another. It is a cute wee size and feels nice to touch. It is a craft idea filled wee mag made in Wellington called World Sweet World – have a look out for it! Oh and I have seen through their website they have a blog – interesting reading……World Sweet World blog.

World Sweet World Mag

World Sweet World Mag



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2 responses to “Blogtober #11 – Confession but with good excuse!

  1. sue

    Happy Birthday! The cake does look delicious. How cute that your daughter remembered how old you are and told everyone. I suppose when we are little we like to get older, then we are older we would like to stay the same and when we get old we dont worry about it so much, or at least some of us dont, lol! The World Sweet World mag looks very nice, must go have a read of it.

  2. Yummy! Both cakes! But, eh, I’ll start with the chocolate one first, please. Happy Birthday!

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