bloom and mail

After not having a knitting project on the go for a day ๐Ÿ˜† I now have two! One I am very excited about as it is a new pattern by one of my fav designers tiKKi that grows with your girl from a dress to a cute top. The pattern is called bloom. Have a look it is amazing in it’s concept and simplicity. I am doing the medium size for Makayla whi is 14 months. I have done the top part and am yet to get stuck into the skirt lace section. Here are some work in progress photos so far:

Cast off capped sleeves

Cast off capped sleeves

Top view  - cast off capped sleeves on the left & right

Top view - cast off capped sleeves on the left & right

Rib 1x1 with increases

Rib 1x1 with increases

I am using The Wool Company’s 8ply Sky yarn and I am loving how it looks so far. Makayla looks absolutley beautiful in light blue’s as it really brings the colour of her eyes out. I am also knitting another pattern of tiKKIi’s as well – Rainbow Dressย that I will have to sell soon – looking great so far!

The mail part of my post today is to show you what I got in the mail box this mornng! My dear friend Julia had sent a birthday package to me and it was yarny goodness! Julia sent me a 10 pack of Anchor Magicline! So now I am thinking about to make with it! I will make some dishcloths me thinks as they are fantastic plus some for pressies but I may also do a Tropical Lilly for Makayla for summer time. ๐Ÿ˜† Quite funny as Tropical Lilly is another of tiKKi’s patterns! I told you she is one of my fav knitting pattern designers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the yarny goodness…..

500g of Anchor Magicline

500g of Anchor Magicline

What would YOU suggest I make with it?? Hmmmmm…………..



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2 responses to “bloom and mail

  1. sue

    The anchor magicline is a very pretty color. Maybe you could knit a pretty cardigan out of it for your daughter. The bloom is looking very nice in the blue. I have purchased the pattern too to knit as a gift for a friend.

  2. Sam

    oh i’m just loving how cotton knits up!

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