Blogtober #19: Tired!

Today has zoomed by! It was a great day – brilliant weather was very welcome – plus I had a friend around this morning for a cuppa while our big girls were at kindy. Was great to have a natter over a danish & cup of tea. 🙂 I then spent a wee while working out how to set up the new web cam M&D sent us so we can skype them. I must say it ROCKS! The girls loved seeing Nana (Granddad and Uncle Chris briefly!). I also talked to another friend elsewhere in the North Island to really test things out. Technology is brilliant isn’t it?!

I have meaning to sew up the wee project I knitted last night….but hadn’t had the chance too. It is a project not many people would make and it made me repeatedly giggle as I did it! Guess what it was – I dare you!!!! 😆 I will post piccies of it tomorrow I promise but I am NOT modelling it! 😆

Oh and Miss 14.5 months is busting through 3 eye teeth right now so the pooor wee thing is a dribbly wee girl and her butt is not happy either. I am thinking the amber teething necklace she is wearing is helping her though as I remember teething being so much harder with her big sister. Or maybe I am getting used to it! 😆

I have just come back from a big kindy meeting and my mind is buzzing still – lots being planned….mind boogling but will get done!

So because today was a blurr of things on I thought I would find a photo and write a quick wee story about it…..

Ariana and the three cows

Ariana and the three cows

This photo was taken on a farm holiday back when Ariana was about 17 months old (March 07). We were out on the farm with my Dad in the ute and checking out the cows and things. We stopped to check thse ones out and Ariana wandered around on her wobbly legs. The cows (well actually steers) were very curious and came up wondering what this little human was about. I think Ariana was either waving or pointing at them and they weren’t too sure what to make of her! It’s one of my favourite photos from that trip along with these ones 🙂

In M&D's garden

In M&D's garden

Special moment - Ariana and her Nana at a cafe

Special moment - Ariana and her Nana at a cafe



At Gore Bay - 10 minutes from M&D

At Gore Bay - 10 minutes from M&D



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3 responses to “Blogtober #19: Tired!

  1. PJS

    lovely photos, I adore cows, my favourite animals of all and that pic is just gorgeous with ariana looking at the cows.

  2. Sam

    me thinks you may have knitted a willy warmer? :giggle giggle:

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