Blogtober #20 – Yes well the photo says it all!

Robin Hood's Manhood

Robin Hood's Manhood

My DH is getting ready for his role as the head pheasant Desmond in the local community pantomine of Robin Hood at the end of November next month. In true pantomine tradition Robin Hood is being played by a lady so DH offered my knitting services to make some man hood for Robin Hood! 😆 I knitted this up on Sunday night while watching TV. I must say I kept giggling as I knitted it. It is a bit cringing if you ask me but it should work well for the play. The pattern said if a man did want to wear it two big long ties need to be added to tie around his wasit! 😆 Crack up!!! Ok no pun intended with that one! The pattern is called Wee Willie Warmer  if you feel like maming one!!!! If you want a laugh check out the projects made by people with this pattern – 68 of these are pictured and most of them are as humourus gifts! Classic.

Oh and I used some hand dyed wool left over from another project and did the largest size.

What is the weirdest thing you have made???? Go on share! 🙂 😆



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4 responses to “Blogtober #20 – Yes well the photo says it all!

  1. I would leave a coherent comment, but I am too busy laughing my head off . . . no pun intended! Oh gosh, did I really say that??!!!


    i’m quietly glad that it is so blatantly *green*, cos anything remotely flesh toned would have been so wrong lol!

    did you see Rove’s knitted nude suit?!

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