Ok I have been slack

on here that is! I have missed posting on here for the last two days. I just lost my mojo blogging wise! BUT I have been busy finishing off Makayla’s bloom dress top and it is currently blocking at the moment. I so loved the pattern – you are very clever Georgie!!!!!! It was a quick knit and lovely and easy pattern to do. I will be doing another one soon I think especially as a Christmas gift. I’ll post some photos once it is dry and can be modelled on Miss Makayla. 🙂

Here is a sneak peak of it at the moment blocking on a towel to get the lace pattern right.

bloom waiting to bloom!

bloom waiting to bloom!

I had done up to the just under the arm part and then it aside to get the infamous Robin Hood’s man hood done. The pattern was relatively quick because the two diamond lace sections are 14 rounds each so you have these goals to reach. I realised last night once I had finished and looking at it that I had missed the top lart of the diamond lace trim! Oh dear! It still looks OK but is 8 rounds short! It will have a white ribbon around the bodice part so should really complete the cuteness that is the bloom.


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  1. PJS

    The dress has come out lovely, even with the missing rows (we wouldn’t have known if you hadnt said) I’m sure it will look gorgeous on your wee girl.

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