Blogtober 29: New knitting projects

I am currently trying two new patterns written by my online friend Kelly. One is the Vanilla soaker that goes over baby’s nappies and the other is a longies pattern called Looking Glass Longies or LGL.

I have mostly finished the vanilla soaker  – I have stalled at the point of adding on ribbed leg cuffs and then finish off with an i-cord tie. I used left over project wool from Ariana’s Jo Pinafore also designed by Kelly! She truely is clever. 🙂 The point of difference of this soaker pattern is that it is knitted in one piece with no seaming or grafting.

The wool is The Wool Company’s 8ply carnation and donkey:


Vanilla by Kelly

It looks a little funny like this so I hope to show a completed FO (finished object) photo soon 😆 I think the tie will be in carnation too. This is a size small.

I started the LGL yesterday and I am really happy with how it is going. The start of the pattern up until the formation round was tricky but no major problems as the pattern is written really clearly. It is an interesting way of looking at longies construction as you knit upwards from the gusset to the wasitband (what I am doing now) and then you release the waste yarn PCO for the legs to be knitted. Got it?! I am using some Tekapo 8ply I got off the trading post off The Nappy Network and it is a lovely colourway called Storm. I am doing a medium size but am not sure if they will be for Makayla or if I will sell them! Oh the decisions! 🙂

Here is the project so far:


Work in progress

The pink bits of wool are the waste yarn PCO (provisional cast on) that I will undo to release the stitches to knit downwards for the legs. I’m knitting these longies on my 120cm length circular cable using the magic loop method. The cable is so bendy that it is fun to knit things magic loop style! Love it.


Close up of the beautiful colours

I have some office work that needs doing but will keep plugging away at these two projects….I’ll post some photos soon onf them finished!



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4 responses to “Blogtober 29: New knitting projects

  1. love the storm yarn Kate!

  2. Alia

    Nice colour choices! Loving that storm. I was considering trying the LGL pattern soon, but seeing that it looks a bit tricky for me! Hopefully before next winter 🙂

  3. Sam

    looking great – you’ll pass me out if im not faster … and after spinning tonight i need more hours in the day!

  4. Blush….its a kelly knitting pattern feast LOL
    I absolutely adore that yarn colourway (the storm)…its fab!

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