Blogtober 31: Party Party!

I am exhausted! We have just bade farewell to the last guests for Ariana’s 4th birthday party. It was a great occasion with lots of food and some games. I took a few photos amongst the food organising so I will tell the story with them if that is OK!


Ariana's cake all dressed up.

I dressed the big cake up with plain white icing and then added a edible icing picture transfer of Tinkerbell on top and then used 4 horse candles my Mum aka Nana sent up in Ariana’s present. I had bought the number 4 candle so added that too. I got the transfer from Spotlight as well as the big tin and cake board as well. The writing on the cake was done with a pack of glittery icing pens also from Spotlight. I tied a bright pink ribbon around the cake as well. After 7 or so people eating some of the cake we still have 3/4 of it left! 😆


The rest!

The morning was busy with getting ready….


Trying out the hats

Lawns were given the weed eater treatment…Ariana found it noisy so found  a way to combat that! 😆  🙂


Clever girl!

Into party dresses!


Miss 4 years old


Makayla wearing her new outfit from Tinyhappy - is so cute!

Makayla is wearing the dress and matching bloomers I won from enetering tinylovely‘s blog giveaway – it looks fab on her – thanks so much Rebecca! 🙂

We had a few wee friends of Ariana’s here and some family & friends:


Cousin H enjoying the kai with his friend




Party fun!

Dean organised the “Pirate Treasure Hunt” and sung songs with the the kids as they went around – was very cute!


Pirate Dean and his hunters about to start the hunt!


The treasure is found!

 I made a bathc of cupcakes from “Ladies a plate” recipe book for the children to ice and decorate to take home for their siblings, parents or grandparents. The girls had fun after trying one of course! 🙂


Icing cupcakes time to take home to family.

 Then it was farewell time. Here is a cute photo of Makayla saying hello/bye to her newest wee cousin. Wee F is so cute and alert! Look at her eyes looking up at her 15 month cousin. Awwwww! 


Cousins saying bye

All in all it was a great day. My big 4 year old is tired so an early night is on the cards!



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4 responses to “Blogtober 31: Party Party!

  1. awww looks like you guys had an awsome day!

  2. Sam

    Yay – looks like a great day!

  3. Wow! No wonder you are knackered! You’ve had SO much on the go!

    Hope you get a wonderful restful sleep tonight after working so hard. Looks like the party was a great success and can’t believe how much your girls seem to have grown up even since we saw each other last.

  4. What a wonderful birthday party. I am so glad you liked the dress, Makayla looks very cute in it.

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