Help I need some ideas!!!

My Father in Law is celebrating his 60th birthday this week adn we are having a party for him on Saturday. I came up with the idea of giving it a theme to add a fun element. The theme is the letter “J” as his name starts with J. Now there are a few options I immediantly thought of like





Jerk 🙂

And then famous singers like:

Janis Jopplin

Jimmi Hendrix

Hubby is going to go as like his Dad and dress in a carbon copy of what her usually wears each day – bit ho hum but the fact he looks lots like his Dad could be good. I thought of an idea this morning……jigsaw! I have a few of those around funnily enough so thought I could sew some pieces of a wooden jigsaw on to a top so they don’t get lost.

What do you think of that idea? Any other suggestions??

Now the girls it’s a bit hard!!


and then I get stumped! Opps.


Help I need ideas – please leave a comment with some ideas pretty please!  



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11 responses to “Help I need some ideas!!!

  1. MUM

    Girls or now Ariana is sorted as a japanese girl, Makayla as a jelly baby, Just dress her in jelly coloured clothes.
    Yourself the jester could be good.Jewellery model, wear heaps. Or just be very Jolly, how about Jolly Jumper, could get hot though. If you could borrow a wig of long dark hair, straight, parted in the middle, wear 60’s but plain and sensible and be Judith Durham of the Seekers. A lot of that generation will relate to them.

  2. sue

    Hmmm it is a bit hard isnt it. I like the idea of a japanese girl though, so cute! Perhaps a juggler, or a jackaroo maybe, which is like a cowgirl which could be cute too.

  3. MUM

    Jackaroo or juggler good idea, MUM

  4. Faraway

    Jem (if you remember her from the 80s that is!)
    Judy Jetson
    Jeannie (from I dream of Jeannie – oh hang on was is spelt like that?)

    Sounds like fun, look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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