Making progress!

Lots of things are happening at the moment

  • we are moving out of this house next weekend so lots of things associated with that
  • planning for my FIL’s 6oth birthday on Saturday
  • launch of Coco Kids happened this week – a new baby of mine with two friends
  • catching up with my SIL & her two children

I got mail today! I won a brag book made by Sam from Sam’s Snippet’s blog from her giveaway during Blogtober. Makayla helped me unwrap it this morning… Thanks heaps Sam – it is very cute!!! 🙂


Handmade brag book in M's hot hands.

Knitting has been on the back burner somewhat but I have made some progress with the Looking Glass Longies. I have done up until the 2nd leg and I tried them on Makayla when she woke up from her morning sleep under the dress she was wearing.


One legged longies


Lying down view


This photo catches the colours correctly.

 I going to start on leg 2 very shortly once I have posted this! 🙂 I have started the i-cord for them so it should be done soon. Love the yarn and colour way. I will be selling this one though as M will be too big for them by next Winter. Keep an eye out for when they are available in my “Items for Sale” page or on Coco Kids blog. 🙂



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3 responses to “Making progress!

  1. Sam

    oh wow! – That was quick – i sent it yesterday afternoon! .. glad you like it .. my wall is empty now

  2. Those longies look gorgeous!! What wool is it?

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