Looking Glass Longies

This project has been knitted very stop start like in the last two weeks so I am very pleased to finally post finished photos! I love the pattern, fit and wool I used for this project. The pattern was my online friend Kelly’s longies pattern called Looking Glass Longies.

It is a neat pattern which in Kelly’s word’s:

The LGL pattern takes a look at longie construction from the other side of the mirror, utilising a novel construction technique to craft handknit goodies for your wee explorer.

There are no seaming as they are knitted on circular needles and there is no grafting. The gusset is roomy and allows for ease of fit over cloth nappies. On the hips there is a feature of ribbing to give more stretch and at the back of the body is a series of short rows which add more depth in the rise and fit of the longies.

Here are the medium 8ply sized LGL that I finished today and modelled on my 15 month old girl. 🙂


Tekapo "Storm" Looking Glass Longies


Up close


Miss M wearing them in style


Back to nature


Cutie pie




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5 responses to “Looking Glass Longies

  1. PJS

    They look fantastic, really sweet on her too, how long did they take to knit up? I really like them, will have to knit Rafaela a pair at some point, probably when she is a little older.

    • Hi & thanks! I started them a week & a half ago but could have been knitted way quicker but life has been a bit busy! It is a neat pattern just takes a bit to get the formation round at the start right – you’ll see what I mean when you start it! After the start it is easy as.

  2. How sweet! That pants AND the baby! I SO wish I had known how to knit when my kids were babies. Now they’re 6 & 9 and they destroy clothes faster than I can buy them, let alone make them! Enjoy.

  3. awww doesn’t M look cute in those!

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