Finally they are here

my three missing hanks of wool from The Wool Company that is!  😆 I had ordered a big batch of wool from TWC back in September but three hanks had to be on back order but that was fine! They kept in contact with me which I appreciated as life goes on and I could have easily forgotten about them. Anyway I contacted them last week to see when they were expecting to send them to me as they had said end of October. Short story was they had sent them to me but had not turned up so got lost in the postal system and some lucky person elsewhere has three hanks of yummy wool :/ Lisa was fantastic at TWC and let me know they will send the replacement package tome yesterday & they arrived today! Yah!!!!!!!

So here are my precious new stash items, I’ll have to get the wool swift & wool winder out tonight & wind them into balls for easy storage and to knit from. I so LOVE the watermelon colourway. I don’t think they will ever replace it as it is a long term favourite of theirs. My friend Sharon would probably marry it if she could 😆 Sorry Sharon!!! I also got the new colourway called Mangrove for use for making boy/unisex items to sell or Christmas gifts.


Watermelon & Mangrove 8ply



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2 responses to “Finally they are here

  1. Still not sick of it either!!

  2. I too am quite fond of watermelon…its gotta be their best seller, surely? How wonderful they replaced your yarn too!

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