again! I swear it is the 6th time in 13 months! :/ We are packing at the moment so I thought I better slink on here and explain why my blog has gone quiet 😆 We are moving to stay with the IL’s for 2 weeks and then at the end of the month we are house sitting a cute wee cottage in O so are in walking distance of kindy, park, shops and IL’s. Hubby is doing his army thing so we will see him occasioanlly.

Moving so often does mean not so much follows you – I have biffed out some shoes, holey jeans and som,e other stuff I can’t be bothered looking at. Makayla is asleep in the cot in her room oblivious to the fact nothing else is in there! Ariana is annoyed she can’t get to her barbies as they are stored away waiting to be transported to Grandma’s. Oh the hassles! Hubby has the better deal really – come along and pick up the stuff that has been packed – easy for him.

I have started a test knit for Crafty Wee Wifey so that is somethign for me to look forward to tonight after dinner.

Here is a sneak preview of the revised Kaia Babydoll pattern in 12 month size. I am using The Wool Company wool for this – watermelon varigated and the plain peony rose colour.


Melon deliciousness


Bodice & sleeves of the Melon KBD


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