Watermelon & Peony Rose

I have finished a new Kaia Babydoll top as a test knit for Rachel Evans as Rachel is refining her pattern and is releasing it with a wider range of sizes. I love the changes and it fits wonderfully (not that it didn’t before). I did a 12 month size and chose Watermelon & Peony Rose from The Wool Company to use for it. I doublestrandd the bodice wth both colours and then used watermelon for the skirt and then peony rose for the lace hem. I knitted this item in a week which is not bad considering we moved houe in that time and hubby has gone elsewhere for work.

Cutie pie with ribbon

So love these colours together.

Lace hem

Miss Makayla modelling for me

Back view ( I have the tie at the back so she can't undo it!)

I knitted this longer than suggested but that is the beauty of the pattern, you can knit the length you want.

This top is for sale so if you would like it please contact me.


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One response to “Watermelon & Peony Rose

  1. beautiful kate!!!!
    ( pop over to my blog i have a surprise for you)

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