A Mother’s love

 I had a package arrive on Tuesday when we moved to our new wee place we are house sitting. I had a sneak peak as I popped it into the car and then after the dust settled a bit I opened it. It is a beautiful package and I am very happy with it!!! A lot of thought has gone into it I can tell.

The theme for the swap was “A Mother’s love….” based on the children’s book I adore called “Love you forever”.

Here is the groovy box it was packaged up in: 

Coool Box with treasures inside!

Here is the contents all displayed: 

The "Mother's Love" package

Included was a 200g 8ply hank of TWC hand dyed in soft array of blues – beautiful! Two patterns to craft some toys for my girls – one is “Honey Bunny” and the other is “Sugar Bunny”.There is a poem by Helen Steiner Rice called “A Mother’s Love” printed out & popped on red card (will have to display that some where me thinks) and a wee stand up quote ornament with “Mum is…” plus 3 stitch markers!

Here is a close up of the hand dyed wool mmmmmm devine!

Beautiful isn't it?!

 The patterns: 

Toy Bunny patterns

The poem:

A Mother's Love

Now I feel bad that my swap is not done yet (embarrassed icon to insert here!). I feel bad. Sad bad in fact. Life is a bit messy at the moment and I find myself a touch confused with dates & timings and movng house does nothing for my memory or stress levels!!!

I have wool to dye but I am waiting on the special dyes I have ordered to make the masterpiece I have in mind. I so hope it is worth the wait for my swapee……will keep you posted!


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One response to “A Mother’s love

  1. sally

    What beautiful knitting you are doing Kate, you’re a real champ, I am thinking of you and hope you are coping ok with what seems to be a tough time. Things are much better for me now it is summer and I am going home in 2 months!!!

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