Christmas treats

Today we had a Christmas Market & Parade in Raetihi 11 kms from Ohakune. I was involved with two stalls today – Kindy & Toy Library ones. I made some baking treats for the Kindy cake stall and then assisted the Toy Library with getting the float (truck all dressed up) ready with hand painted jandals strung on string. It was a very Kiwiana insipred float with a big picture of a caravan on both sides of the truck and all the kids & adults (four Mums) looking beach like with beach towels and hats. The weather was atrocious this morning with rain teeming down but thankfully by the parade time it was just windy. I haven’t got any photos of the parade because I was in it but we may be in the paper…..

Anway ther cake stall was by all accounts a success with all the items sold and there were LOTS there – well done to all the parents!!!

Here are some photos of the Christmas Treats I made last night – hokey pokey, Mallowpuff “Chritsmas Puddings” and green & red coconut ice with some left over lollies.

Festive coconut ice, hokey pokey at the back and then the mallow puff puds.

Christmas Puddings mallow puff style!

Up close.

Hokey pokey

Green & red coconut ice with left over lollies from the mallow puff pudds.



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4 responses to “Christmas treats

  1. PJS

    wow…. that all looks ridiculously yummy….. what is ‘hokey pokey’ other than a primary school party dance? 🙂 it looks a little like tablet.

    • It is a NZ thing I think?! Hokey Pokey ice cream is a firm fav amongst NZers and those overseas miss it. Hokey Pokey is made from cooking 5 tablespoons of white sugar with 2 tablespoons of golden syrup and then once dissolved & boiled for 2 minutes you remove from the heat and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Stir quickly until mixture froths up (quite spectacular!). Pour into a buttered tin immediatley and leave until cold and then break into pieces. It is a chewy candy.
      We also have “crunchie bars” that have jokey pokey covered in chocolate. YUM!

  2. oooooh looks delish Kate! yummo!

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