“Celebration” – Kaia Babydoll (custom knit)

I have lots of knitting projects in my head and on my needles at the moment so doing this custom knit had to get done and done quickly. I had to hunt down the specific red that was required. Bendigo Woollen Mills no longer stocked a solid red cotton anymore so I asked on the knitting section on The Nappy Network and low & behold at least two people came to my aid. One lady had enough of a red that Bendigo Woollen Mills used to have called Inferno. R sent the yarn to me quick as lightening (before I had paid for it even!) and I showed the lady in person the yarn to make sure she was happy with it. Red is such a  tricky colour as there can be so many shades of red……I hunted for so long to find the right red for my bridesmaid’s dresses so I know!!!

I matched the inferno colour with a crisp white bamboo/wool yarn from Bella Baby Layette from good old Spotlight (care of Julia from Cocokids 🙂 ). The wee girl is 11 months but is very petite and I had tried Makayla’s 123 month sized cotton Kaia Babydoll on her and it fitted OK with definite room to grow into it. 

Here are some photos of Kaia Babydoll top all finished:

The bodice

Darker red than photographed here...

Pretty in red



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2 responses to ““Celebration” – Kaia Babydoll (custom knit)

  1. PJS

    it looks lovely, I love the little bow

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