Secret Santa visits us

On a forum I am on we have done a Christmas Secret Santa and it has been fun! For the 1st few days of this week we had the postie lady knock at our back door with a parcel 🙂 I could get used to that. 😆

Ariana and Makayla got thiers together one day:

Happy Girl!

Ariana got a wondeful present – a junior Tupperware apron and matching tea towel (also in her most fav colour kowhai/yellow), a handmade shawl in purple and her own knitting needles and a ball of wool. I may have to wait a wee while before we both have the correct amount of patience to teach her knitting! 😆

Modelling her scraf - she loves it!

Makayla got a neat wee gift as well – with two wee books, some crayons and the most cool wee car bug – that is what we call it!


I got my treat the next day and I was over the moon! My SS had put alot of thought into it you could just tell. I opened up the postage bag and saw mine – it was a lump of a parcel with the yarn wrapped around it to keep it all together. Hubby’s pressie is the one on the left and he is yet to open it (back tomorrow!).

Interesting package!

Here is the package once I had wound the yarn up – hand dyed Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply 100g.


Close up of wool "Who split the berry wine?"

So much

 There is a knitted dishcloth, a Knit one sip one coffee cup , craft scissors for my knitting bag, a very cool tape measure in a sheep thing , stitch markers , pattern for making a heart, another pattern for making cute flower hair ties plus 2 small bags to make some more as one pink one came all ready made, and another ball of wool (looks like merino?). I felt very spolit.


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