Yes another pair….

of Aunt Maggie’s slippers! 😆 Yes I am kinda over them but you have to love how easy & quick the pattern is to do. Great for a mindless knit or for a newbie knitter to master.

My friend R dropped off some yarn a while ago to make these for her as she is going into hospital so comfy slippers would be ideal. Now I had left it a little to the last day to make them as the operation is tomorrow but I did it! I made them today so pretty happy about that. I ran out of the white so one slipper has a pink toe as they are knitted double stranded on 5.5mm needles.

I got hubby to model them for me as they are way too big for my petite feet. R has big ladies feet so did the man size version – I hope they fit her ok!

Candy Cane slippers

Hubby being silly!



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3 responses to “Yes another pair….

  1. cathym

    Ha ha, at least you got hubby to put them on.. pretty sure there is NO WAY my other half would model anything pink for me! xx

  2. ronnie hanaray

    i love them

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! dean feet has been in them i need new ones now they got boy germs in them. LOL

  3. hahaha love the fingers dean! i think they are really funky wiht a differnt toe 🙂

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