Hi! I am back!

It has been while since a new post on here as Christmas, New Year and my brother’s wedding and a trip to the South Island has kept me busy. We had a great family fun Christmas with both sides of the family but I must admit it is grerat to be back home with some normality! 🙂

I have been knitting in this time will do a quick update:

I made this wee dress for Makayla from Ravelry called The Two Summer dress where the top is knitted in cotton and then you sew the skirt part on. I used an old Barker’s shirt of Hubby’s that was a bit frayed. I had the button opeing as part of the back opening of the dress and kept the shirt hem as it was – minimal sewing!

Makayla in the new shirt dress I made her.


Barker's Dress

See the shirt hem

What else have I made…..

I’ll have to reboot the computer because the camera dosen’t want to down load the hundreds of Christmas holiday pics…..be back later!



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