TNN 10 in 2010 Challenge

Righto I have signed up for a TNN Challenge on Ravelry (yes us knitter’s from TNN chat there as well! 😆 ) where we commit/aim to knit and finish 10 items of 10 different types of things.  There are other 10 in 2010 challenges like 10 ofshawls, 10 socks, 10 new techniques, 10 charity projects….. Some people are doing more than one challenge but I think I will play it safe at this point of time especially with us reloacting to Auckland in a few months.

I like this as it will encourage me to get items done that I want to do but haven’t as yet. Socks is one as well as a toy.

Here is the list of items and I am still tweaking the pattern for each item:

10 items in 2010

This should be fun well that is the aim! I’ll post about each item to keep me going. I do need to order some more wool though as I need some 10ply in my stash plus more 4ply & sock yarn. 🙂


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  1. Sounds good! I shall be watching for updates and photos!! :0)


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