My Girls

I have taken some neat photos of the girls in the last few days and just have to share!

Makayla the garden fiend! Look at all that soil! Her hair was brown from it and you couldn't see her scalp!

The dirt must have been yummy?

One of my fav's of them together before bedtime.

Makayla posing on the couch.

Ariana posing on the couch.

Makayla "Harry Potter" Styles!

Ariana "Harry Potter" styles.

I am really in awe with how well the girls have coped with the constant changes in our lives. Since October 2008 we have been on the move and we have another big move coming up to Auckland for hubby’s new role in the Army. This year Ariana will be going to school…I mean she wants to NOW but has to wait out being 4 😆 We are looking forward to the move as the girls will be closer to both lots of copusins and extended family. I also have a few friends up there whom I have met online and since in real life so I am not phased at all with the move. I will feel sad to wave goodbye to the lovely friends I have made here in Ohakune but I know we will be back for visits since my in laws live here. 🙂

Ariana and Makayla – I love you so much!


Plus three specials hugs & kisses from your angels siblings XXX


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