Life is busy at the moment with me looking after the girls on my own while Hubby is in the South Island training for his new job. The weather had been great but the last three days have been wet ones so a little boredom has occured here! My big girl and I are on count down until kindy starts – 3 sleeps to go!!!! πŸ™‚ Bring it on for both of our sakes!

I have been really good with my healthy eating and have been feeling great as a consequence. I have set a up a weight loss ticker on the right hand side of my blog for you to see what happens (finger’s crossed!). I haven’t eaten bread at all in the last four days. Snacks have been fruit, rice crackers with hummas followed by a big drink of H2O. Meals have been brown rice with tuna and tomotoe (Makayla likes this too) and my real fav is a tortilla with salad and a bit of salsa. YUMMO!

Breakfast I either have a protein shake and a drink of water or like the last two days I have had porridge with low fat berry yoghurt mixed in. I have been for walks weather permitting and have done some much needed gardening AND I have used the dusty Ab Circle Pro and it was great.

Amongst this I have been having some “fun” with knitting a shawl! Ummmm lace is NOT going to beat me! πŸ˜† I have been knitting and then frogging it back changed yarns 2x and have started another pattern entirely. Wish me luck that is works out. (Sorry Mel it will get done!) I am doing this pattern called Travelling Woman:

Travelling Woman shawl

I am missing my Hubby though. He sounds so amped up and loving his training when he calls. I am tired after kid wrangling all day so must sound like a wet rag to him! Oh well.


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  1. Cherrie

    Chin up Kate know how you feel as my hubby was in the forces and when they are away things can get a bit on top of you. Hope his family is giving you some loving support and when my boys were little we used to have a cross on the calendar as to when he was coming back and we would put a line through each day till you reach his date. I must admit that i used to sometimes make it a day or 2 later as sometimes the aircraft would be delayed for some strange reason like shopping!!!! if they were overseas. Looking forward to seeing you Luv Cherrie

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