Big sister’s shrug

This was a project I started in November 09 but got put on the back burner for a bit. I had intended it to be worn when Miss 4 was a flower girl at my brother’s wedding in January. Mum had mentioned she had bought her a top that would suit so didn’t bother to get it done! Naughty!

I picked it up last week after I had finished the previous longies for an order and finished the main body part of it and then quickly completed it from there. I had down loaded the Leafy Shrug pattern before it was tested & released into more sizes. As the pattern was for a 12 -18 month old I added 16 more sts to the orginal amount so two extra lace pattern repeats. I then guessed how long to knit the main body bit for – ended up being 19 inches long. It is a great pattern and is so handy! Each tme the girls wear their shrugs they get compliments. It is especially good for summer time when it is coldish but not that cold for a sweatshirt or jersey. It keeps the littlies warm (and styley!).

I knittied this in a boring cream and then dyed it on Friday last week….funnt thing was I must have used different balls as the colour took differently!! 😆 I thought it was slightly sun damaged….hmmmm not sure! Miss 4 loves it though. 

Back view of shrug with A's ballet outfit.


Here is the dyed shrug photo. It is dark pink around the opening and on one arm - ODD!


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  1. That’s a shame about the dyeing Kate, but I bet she loves it still!

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