Vampire swap!

On TNN I have been part of a yarn dying swap group that was based on Vampires as the theme. It was a neat small group and the swaps were brilliant!

My swapee liked the vampire Lestat from the Interview with a Vampire movie.


Because of the vintage style of the movie I handdyed some 8ply wool in rich reds/purples to reflect the colourings of the time plus the blood element!

Lestat hand dyed wool

Here is a picture (taken my my swapee) of the package altogether:

Yarn Vampire Bites (licorice bullets), stitch markers, vintage style cushion cover & red heart lollies plus a pattern for a neck warmer (essential cover up for a vampire).

On Thursday my package arrived and by gosh it is cool!

I had chosen Alice Cullen from the Twilight series as my fav vampire. My swapee designed the swap all around the Grand Theft Auto scene where Alice steals a very cool yellow porshe 911 turbo for a high speed sprint…

Alice Cullen from Twilight

She eyed me speculatively. “How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?”

I had packages that were to be opened in the correct sequence:

One opened the rest to go

The page on the left outlined how to stage my own grand theft auto becuase my swaper couldn’t sqeeze the porshe into the $10 budget 😆

  1. 1) With the enclosed yarn knit a balaclava (pattern inclosed)
  2. 2) Adorn the vintage gloves (a necessity for covering up glistening vampire skin)
  3. 3) Tie the enclosed scraf over the balaclava in a 50’s style – remeber that looking glamorous IS important here
  4. 4) Apply large sunglasses (you may need to supply your own)
  5. 5) Steal the car!

Here is the opened package all together:

All revealed!

The beautiful hand dyed yarn to match the Alice image.

Vintage style gloves & scraf to dress like Alice & do GTA!

Another photo of the gorgours :Alice" yarn I very much love it!



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2 responses to “Vampire swap!

  1. Kelly

    What lovely dye jobs!

  2. What a creative swap! I nearly died of lust when Antonio Banderas appeared in Interview with a Vampire. I am going to rent it this week now!
    Your wool is beautiful. What kind of dyes do you use?

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