On so many levels!

My brother & his wife had a new wee addition arrive into their family in the early hours of this morning – another wee girl! She is sooooo cute it is hard NOT to get clucky!!! 😆 I can’t wait till we locate to Auckland and we can meet her and also spend more time with the cousins together. Exciting!

I sent off a parcel for the new wee babe today as well as my Mum’s birthday present. Both of which are crafted my me…..I can’t wait till they open them as I haven’t been able to post photos of them on here even though I am so chuffed with myself for creating them! 🙂

Dum dee doo….c’mon post!

We have also been allocated our house in Auckland (on a defence base) so that is good to hear. Now we just need to get the moving side of things sorted! 😆 Kind of important!

Oh and I have had another order come through for custom knnitting so will be churning out some new creations as well as my own personal projects!


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