“I love you” Shawl for Mum

Now knitting a lace shawl for anyone is a labour of love. I decided this would be the perfect thing to make for Mum for her birthday. I started the project in January but had a few order’s that needed doing so it got put to the side every now & then but I did get it done close enough to her end of February birthday. I am sure she didn’t mind it being a few days late! 🙂 😆

I used sock yarn from Vintage Purls called Mungled Berry and knitted the shawl pattern on Raverly called  Forrest Canopy Shawl.

Shawl before blocking into shape - looks a bit sad!

Shawl being blocked into shape with many pins!

Close up of lace pattern

Beautiful lace.

Me wearing it the scraf way

I liked wearing it like this - was so soft and light but snuggly.

"So how do I look?"


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One response to ““I love you” Shawl for Mum

  1. jessica Wright

    It is beautiful Kate, looks like lots of work.

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