New arrival!

New niece has to be decked out styley!

I am so pleased to announce my youngest brother N and his wife J had their long awaited second baby arrive on Monday the 1st of March. Another wee girl into our family. Bless. Her name is so beautiful and I am sure it suits her to a tee as well. I can’t wait till we move to Auckland to have cuddles with her and her big sister S and of course my brother and his wife J!!! 🙂

I say long awaited arrival as poor J had been in a stuck labour phase for almost 2 weeks so we were waiting for the babe to come. J’s health is great this time around which has been fab for her to enjoy this special babymoon time.

While J was going through endless nights of false starts I quickly whipped up a wee set for bubs. I can now finally reveal it as they got the parcel the day after she was born and I didn’t want to ruin the surpirse!

I made a cute 3 month sized Milo vest and small Looking Glass Longies (both are custom knits I do). I used some lovely hand dyed yarn I received in a TNN swap.

Baby Milo with contrast stripes and a leaf lace pattern on the front.


Close up of leaf lace

Small Looking Glass Longies

Together as a set:

So pretty!



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