Gradient dyeing in pinks

Following on from this post I have had some more wool dyeing fun last night….this time in pinks.

Here is the photo story.

All dyed & cooling

The line up

Ladder of colours


All balled & looking purty!

Again this is 100g of white Fabulous Fibres 8ply. This will make a fabulous rainbow dress! 🙂



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7 responses to “Gradient dyeing in pinks

  1. awsome stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That looks fabulous Kate, you are so clever! Is that using your ashford/acid dyes? It would look amazing as a Rainbow dress! knit it, knit it, knit it!

    • LOL you enabler!!! Yes it is with acid dyes from Tilla. I am starting a rainbow dress with TWC teak for the bodice for the first 100g I did yesterday so it will be a rainbow dress for sure!

  3. Sam

    oh lovely dying! .. can’t wait to see it knitted up 🙂

    how did you find the dying? .. more time consuming?

    • Dyeing was fun. There are two time consuming parts – dividing the sections up and then untangling each section to wind into a hank again. Last night two of the pink colours were a little tangling but with patience you get there.

  4. Lovely colors! If you’re getting tangling maybe tie a few bits of string around each section? When I’ve done dying in the past that seems to work for me.

    • I am interested to see how they look knitted…I am 1/2 way through the first lot I did and it looks more self striping so will have to modify my technique a little.

      I had tied each section 3x so must have been from me poking the sections in the dye a bit too eagerly!

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