I have just finished a test knit for tiKKi of her new pattern well one of her new patterns as she has another coming too. Clever lady huh?!! It is a great pattern where you can make it plain or fancy with different yarn weights as well. I made a vest version in size 2 for Makayla as she hasn’t got a knitted vest from me.  This can be a vest, singlet or a dress. There are many ideas in the pattern to make it unique from stripes, lace, pockets and embellishments.

Here are some photos of the one for Makayla. I used 8ply wool from The Wool Company in cyclamen and the new varigated colourway faberge with a lace hem from the Rainbow Dress pattern.

Laid out

Close up of the top

Hanging up.

My niece S modelled it for me earlier and it looks super cute on her – could be a good birthday pressie for her I think!


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