Shawl swap

I am waiting on my package to arrive but I thought I would share photos of the swap that I sent on the TNN Shawl Hand Dyed swap.

I had Lisa the organiser of the swap and I chose the Argante shawl as it would suit the yarn I hand dyed the most. Each person had a list of shawl patterns they liked which helped. I used Lisa’s favourite colours as the inspiration for the wool dyeing – pinks, blues and greens. The wool I used was 100g of merino baby yarn from The Wool Company.

Pinks greens and blues

From the top

I am pleased with how the colours went. I can’t wait to see how it knits up now! 🙂

I also included in the swap a knitting needle guage as I know how useful that is!! As well as a row counter. Lisa has immediantly used both of these notions straighaway – I am glad I picked well.

The Shawl Swap altogether.

Have fun Lisa!

I will update when my shawl parcel arrives….


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