Chocolate & Pink!

My niece Jade had her baptism on the weekend and I offered to make a special cake for her and her parents.

I chose a tried and tested chocloate cake recipe from my favourite baking book called “Ladies a plate”. I doubled it and it came out well. Mum was here for the event so she helped me with the decorating side of things. We cut the cake in half and spread raspberry jam on both cut sides and then spread a smattering of the pink butter icing also flavoured with raspberry¬†essence. I found some neat wee icing fairies at the supermarket and some other wee embellishments to help dress it up to make it fit for a wee girls baptism.

Here is the delicious result:

Baptism Cake

Up close


Here is wee Jade and her proud Mummy at the Baptism.


Cute as a button

Jade and her Nana (my Mum)


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