I love lace!

Forrest Canopy Shawl

I finally cast off a shawl that I have been plodding away since February. I chose to do the Forrest Canopy shawl pattern again as the pattern is fantastic and I love the pattern. I used some Yarnadu sock yarn that is a deep purple with wee brown flecks in it – totally decadent and rich in colour (well I think so anyway!).

It is quite funny when you cast a shawl off how sad it looks and tiny. Then simply wet it and block it and the shawl reveals all the hard work of slipping stitches and passing slipped stitches over….. 🙂

Here are some photos of the shawl….

Yarnadu sock yarn....

Then the knitting started:

Work in progress

Then the blocking:

All spread out many pins later

Up close photos – is hard to catch the colour right

Up one side

Lace pattern

The centre pattern

Love the scallop edging



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2 responses to “I love lace!

  1. Its gorgeous Kate!!! welldone!

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