Kitchen Treats Update

Ok it has been awhile since I have posted some results from the kitchen. I have taken photos in the aim of posting about them….

I went to a Dessert Night a few Fridays ago and made this yummy treat for the very first time from my Jo Seagars book ‘You shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble darling” (long winded title ah?). It is called “Impossible Pie” and claims it is a great easy dessert that self crusts. You know what it was and it did.

There are only a few ingredients and you put most of them in the food processor and blend then tip into the flan dish and cook for an hour. How hard is that!!! Here is a link to someone’s blog with the recipe.

Here is the Impossible Pie:

Impossible Pie ready to eat!

I used some Baileys in it but to be honest you couldn’t taste it! Oh well!!! I was thinking you could add fruit into it as well. Nom nom.

With creamy yoghurt ice cream NOM NOM!


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