Forest Canopy Shawl

Right I finally managed to take some photos of the latest shawl I have finished (about a week ago) with me wearing it. It  is ever so snuggly when worn looped around my neck. It isn’t a big size but looks neat with the point at the front and tied at the back with the ends tucked under. You could also wear it over one shoulder with a fancy pin securing it on the other shoulder.

Check out this post I did that links to another blogger about how to wear shawls – very interesting!

Here are some photos I self took to show you:

Trying to capture the true colour of the yarn

So pretty


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One response to “Forest Canopy Shawl

  1. That’s really beautiful! I love the way you have it arranged – the edge shows the lace off really well and the draping is very graceful. I find wearing shawls a lot harder than knitting them!

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