Giveaway – Warm winter feet for babies

Ok so I eventually got around to popping this up! Life is busy which us great.

Now I would like to offer up a beaut hand made pair of sheep skin baby slippers my Mum Judith makes. They are snuggly and warm and provide a non slip sole with sheep skin bottoms with the inner being soft sheep wool. For more up close individual photos of the slippers available have a look st the tab at the top of the page or click here.

Here are some photos of Miss Makayla at 21 months wearing them. They would fit from 1 year I would hazzard a guess but maybe less with thick socks on or over an all in one for night time warmth.

Up close to show the fit

Looking down

To be in the draw to win a pair of slippers please leave a comment – simply isn’t it?! They do make great gifts as well.

Thanks for looking and please spread the word about them as well. I have Mum onto making some more especially with Winter on it’s merry way.

ETA: Forgot to add in when I will close this off! Shame! I will leave this open till Sunday at 8pm.



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37 responses to “Giveaway – Warm winter feet for babies

  1. How can I resist going into the draw for these, they are gorgeous!! My only dliemma would be….do I keep them or give them to one of my family??? Hmmmmm…..

  2. Donna B

    They are gorgeous!

  3. nadia

    oh wow these are super gorgeous i Love them!

  4. Hey Kate, does your mum make them in bigger sizes? would love a pair for Morgan to run around in 🙂

  5. Oooh, I love these! Can she make them to measure Kate? So if I let her know how long/wide his feet are, can she make custom ones to fit my heffalump?

    They’re gorgeous! Well done Kate’s Mum!

  6. Kristy

    They look so cosy and warm!!!

  7. Megan Drabble

    Kate, they are gorgeous so love them. I would love to enter your competition as I’m sure my winter boy due in August if he stays put long enough, would love these to keep his feet snuggly and warm.

  8. Heather Rieger

    Would love a pair for Frances. If I don’t win it I will buy a pair from your mum anyway – keep me posted!!

  9. These would be a perfect give for my nieces 1st birthday coming up.

  10. Sarah Irwin

    They are fab Kate (and Kates mum!) Like heather, if I don’t in I’ll probably get a pair for Kiri as inside slippers.

  11. Sarah

    VERY CUTE!! Does she make adult sized ones as well, they look so comfy and snuggly!

  12. Debbie

    Oooh, so cute. My little guy would love a pair.

  13. Amy

    Very cute! I vaguely remeber me having a pair of a similar style when i was little!

  14. Angela L

    Love those – so cute and warm!

  15. Anna Vincent

    I love these style of slippers…so cute and snuggly!

  16. Anneke

    Oh … could so love some pink ones for my wee girl!! You’re an amazing knitter!! (and your mum too!)

  17. Helen

    I would so love a pair for Meg, they look so snuggly.

  18. Love them, they look toasty and warm!!

  19. Leah

    Awesome slippers!!! I need a big pair for me lol!!

  20. Wow hope we win. Perfect timing Tessa has really outgrown hers, but they so cute and warm that she still wears them wither toe hanging over the top of the sole.

  21. ohhhh they look snuggly and warm for our winters down here….

  22. Rachel

    Wow what awesome slippers!! lovely and snuggly!!

  23. Kath

    MMM they look toasty warm and snuggly to boot!! Does she make adult sized ones? 😉

  24. Jessica

    There look great 4 winter. Hope your mum’s op went well

  25. mandli

    Does she make them in adult sizes?? But I’m sure my new great nephew would appreciate some!

  26. Tammy McLaughlin

    Gorgeous kate!!!!

  27. Clays_mum

    Those are lovely Kate. We had some similar for DS when he was 6 months. Sadly they are now to small.

  28. Sam

    gotta be in to win! .. they would be great in our wood floor house

  29. Shelley

    They look great Kate! Nice and cosy for the coming winter. xx

  30. Margaret

    Oh my they are so cute!!! does she do nb or 0-3mths size id be very keen ; )

  31. ohhhh those wee slippers are sooo cute! Nina needs some slippers and slack mummy hasn’t had a chance to make any 😆

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