Wee beret, new colour and new skills!

This is a mish mash post about some things I have done.


I quickly knitted up a XS Dolce Beret for Ariana as she kept pleading me to make her one once I had finished mine. Here it is modelled on both gils. I must say it looks mega cute on them.

XS Dolce on my 4.5yo & 22 month old in The Wool Company Ballet

This is a custom knit pattern of mine that goes from XS to large to fit my noggin & bigger. Check out my custom knitting page or the tabs along the right for more information.


Ariana was gifted a rainbow dress last year that she still fits but the colour didn’t do much for her. So a week or so ago I decided to dye it using my acid powder dyes from Tilla.

So it went from this:

Rainbow Dress before

To this:

and after with a ribbon added.

Looks lots better on Ariana now!

Showing the cute ribbon that suits the new colour


I have recently learnt to crochet! Admiteddly I am very much a beghinner but I am loving learning it and having a laugh at myself along the way! 😆 As you do!!!! I can now add wee flowers onto items to make items extra special.

So watch this space and see what I can come up with. 🙂 Sorry no photos as yet! I don’t where the flowers I have done have gone as the girls love playing with them.

Meanwhile I am placing another wool order tomorrow as have assessed orders coming up – Busy! I really should grow another pair of super fast knitting arms!!! Or learn continental knitting as that is super fast just not sure I can master it.



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4 responses to “Wee beret, new colour and new skills!

  1. lou

    Lovely hat! Good on you for learning crochet, it is on my list of things to learn too.

  2. Kath

    Look at your gorgeous girls in “their” dolce beret 🙂
    Love the new colour of the rainbow dress too!

  3. Cabbette

    The New colour is lovely Kate, I can’t believe it still fits.

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