Eclipse Swap Fun

I had a fun week last week as I got my Eclipse swap in the post and then hand delivered mine.

I received a swap full of blue funky Eclipse inspired things:

Blue feathery pen, two handmade quote & picture bookmarks, marshmallows, handmade card, handmade wolf pack magnets and a bueatiful braclet.

Up close of the bracelet and magnets

I sent this swap:

Scarfette with black buttons & sparkle middle, her name jewels sewn on plus three Edward badges

"Love Bites" Scarfette in red with black buttons with sparkle centres.

Modelling the "Love Bites" scarfette - nice & snug

Here is whole swap with the packet of Eclipse mints and Eclipse box (black glittery letters) I packaged it in.

NOTE: The pattern for the scarfette is called “Fresh Bite”



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2 responses to “Eclipse Swap Fun

  1. pipi

    Oh I love that scarf, what pattern is it please?

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